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Click the buttons on the left to access information presented in class. Each page contains photographs and some notes from the actual classes taught by Ron Brown.

Week #1 was the introduction. Refer to the "Gallery" for week #1.

Week #2 March 26, 2005:  Carcass Joinery methods, clamping methods and making a simple accurate and effective router jig for making perfect dados for the top and bottom every time.

Week #3 April 16, 2005:    Shelving, edge banding, all you ever wanted to know about adjustable shelving -- holes, spacing 5mm vs. 1/4", etc. Demo is Almost Idiot-Proof adjustable shelving router Jig.

Week #4 May 14, 2005:    Face Frames and Minor Trim. Demo is Router Jig for making fluted pilasters.

Week #5 June 4, 2005:    Crown Molding Installation and final trim. Demo is making your own cove molding using a table saw and Lonnie Bird's Cove cutter from CMT. This is a "Don't Miss" class.

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